Student Testimonials

“Enjoyed this class (Connecting Creativity to Healthy Living) alot. It helped me to remember how much I enjoy being creative.”  Sharon Tarquinio, Ft. Myers, FL


This class (Connecting Creativity to Healthy Living) was inspirational to encourage me to open up and enjoy the beauty within me through God’s transformation.” Beverly Thomas, Naples, FL


“This class was wonderful!  I commit myself to finding the great artist inside myself!”  Linda Schnieder, Naples, FL


“She brought out in me creative abilities I didn’t know I had and for the first time ever, got my right brain working with my left. The course was thoroughly enjoyable, both an exciting and fascinating experience.” Hunter Leake, MD, Ft. Myers, FL


“This course helped me realize how much I needed to pursue my creative talents, something I haven’t done for years due to stressful demands on me and my time.”  Susan Long, Naples, FL


“This is a most worthy course with a gifted teacher. It needs to reach people. I am finding her handout materials to be very useful. She fired up my thinking, expanded my understanding.”
James Ward, Naples, FL


“You captured me from the first sentence of your program and you have found a permanent place in my heart. Thank you so much for putting me back in touch with my creativity and for making me understand how I can positively share my joy with others.”  Ron Diorio, Naples, FL


“This course will give you many views that will be new and exciting. She shares many references…there is much interaction. You may find by opening this window a new outlook in your life.”  Jane Lange, Naples, FL; Parkinson’s Association


“You’re a most gentle and kind person, very nurturing. I enjoyed your class tremendously.”
Paula Zambreno, Naples, FL


“The class was excellent and I am singing your talents to all my art-inclined friends here at Lighthouse Bay. Your approach is so logical that it makes you think everything is achievable. Going from simple to complex or more variety is wonderful. As I mentioned before, your easy, calm, encouraging manner makes it a joy to be in your class.”  Jean Ciroalo, Bonita Springs, FL


“Success waits patiently for anyone who has the determination and strength to seize it.” ~ Booker T. Washington


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