Watercolor Painting Gallery

Original Watercolor Paintings:

Susan enjoys sharing her gifts of creating beauty, balance and belief that will inspire others to use their creative gifts. For her, art is the sharing of creative gifts, inspired from nature and life experiences and transformed into visual images that bring beauty, balance and belief to this journey of life.

Carribean Irie Series:

The ‘Caribbean Irie’ series was created from places Susan visited on the Island of Jamaica, a place she and her family visit for peace of mind. Irie is the Jamaican word for ‘every little thing is going to be all right.’

Irie on Negril Beach

Irie at Rio Brac

Irie at Boscobel

Pulse of Ocho Rios – the Marketplace

Irie at Grand Lido Resort

Rendezvous at Rio Brac

Transforming Music Series:

Susan has also created new objects of beauty through guided meditation and visualization. For example, in her ‘Transforming Music’ series, music and emotions are transformed into visual images using watercolors and fabrics that are metaphors for healing and change. While listening to a unique musical piece, an emotion is stirred, then through visualization within her mind’s eye, an image is created. The image is transformed into a painting that expresses and captures the essence of the feelings and music.

Yanni: Reflections of Passion

Chopin: Opus 10 No. 3

Stevie Wonder: Ribbon in the Sky

Yanni: In the Mirror

Kenny G: Loving You

Nature Abstract Series:

A series of Nature Abstract paintings is inspired from the natural shadows. Nature shares its spaces with our imagination and together we create images of beauty. The shadows in nature are a metaphor for the shadows in life. These painting were inspired from the shadows outside Susan’s home and the beaches of Ft. Myers, Florida. In nature, shadows are slowly moving, but when we stop to look , they show us beauty and wonder. In our life, shadows are challenging, but when we live through them we experience beautiful moments in time.

Nature of the Beach: At the Water’s Edge

Nature of the Beach: Sand Sifter

Nature of the Beach: Recliner

Nature of the Beach: Sea Grapes

 Other Nature Paintings:

Coconuts in Transition

Coconut Nest

Hibiscus Sunrise

Cancun Beach Cafe

Cancun Market

Vermilion Harbor

City Lights

Gummi Cat: Woody

Gimmo Cat: Midnight

Gummi Cat: BeBe


 Paintings Sold, Donated, or Gifted:

Rendezvous at Rio Brac

Irie in Ocho Rios

Irie at Rio Brac

Irie on Negril Beach

Irie at Grand Lido

Irie at Grand Lido Beach

Healing of the Butterflies


Memories to Climb By

Coconuts Day One

Coconuts Day Two

Peahen Companion

Peacock Companion

The Best is Yet to Be

Ocho Rios Street Market


Window to the Soul

Window to the Soul

Tiffany – Birth of Divine Light

Tiffany – Dance of a Star









Giclee Prints:

*Giclee Print:  Giclee (pronounced “zhe-clay”)  is a French term that means to squirt or spurt  ink.  In art terminology, giclee applies to squirting microscopic ink droplets of fine quality onto art materials such as canvas or watercolor paper. This is done using a computer-driven printing device for the purpose of art production or reproduction.

On paper, the inks are actually absorbed slightly and blend to create fine art reproductions that are often indistinguishable from the originals. The inks used are pigment based inks (not dye based inks that fade). With accelerated light testing, it has been determined these inks will not start to show signs of fading for 100 years (under museum quality conditions). The paper used for this print is a high quality 140# cold press watercolor paper.


Email Susan at Susan@CreativeHealingArtist.com for purchase of original art and Giclee prints.  Purchases may be made using PayPal Itemized Invoice sent to your email account. Note: Shipping and handling charges will apply.


“If you ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it….But if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.” ~  Frank Lloyd Wright


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