Coaching Endorsements

“Susan has been my friend, fellow artist and co-worker as an occupational therapist for over 30 years.  She has coached me and I have worked with her on several projects.  We have worked together in helping people in recovery from strokes to express themselves in artwork, when other forms of expression have been impaired.  Art has provided a powerful, healing vehicle for expression.  We live far apart geographically now, but I can contact her by phone or email to connect on pressing health or other life concerns.


Susan can see the whole picture and assist me with a program that helps to structure my day.  She has a powerful creative force that she taps to help with self-expression.  In particular I have been doing watercolor painting and quilting for creative outlets.  The creative journaling that she has shared with me has provided a structure for self-expression using these mediums.  And being a very experienced painter and crafter, she is very skillful with technical help as well.  It has been very transforming working with her…..helps to see life through a new lens.”

MEM portrait for website – Mary Ellen Meyer, MOT, Pittsburgh, PA.






“For anyone considering using your coaching service, I wholeheartedly endorse you. Your active listening and targeted inquisitiveness helped me to zero in on my ‘one thing’.  Even though at first I thought it was somethings else, I am confident that I uncovered the real deal during our time together.  You have a great deal of insight, communicate with warmth and gentleness, a tribute to your own experiences; the art of healing. You helped me onto a new path of self-discovery that I have been resisting for way too long.  Thanks for helping me figure that out. Well done!”

-Andy Lutkoff, Ft. Myers, FL


“As a professional artist and an art educator for over 35 years, I found Susan Sholle-Martin’s compassionate and integrative approach successful in helping me create my future.  Once a week, for one solid hour, we would talk, comment, question, explain and explore all facets of personal goal setting.  Susan is result oriented, successful in her coaching, and a pleasure to work with.”

J Gold Photo– Janet Gold, MFA, M.Ed., Coral Springs, FL






“I have learned through reading David Essel’s book The Power of Focus and in discussions with Susan, the importance of looking at oneself critically.  This involves focusing on one’s daily activities, done or not done, completed or not completed, to determine just what it is that is missing – all to better one’s efforts to achieve a desired goal.  The ‘One Thing Theory’ in The Power of Focus was very enlightening and made good sense, i.e. focus on ONE thing at a time to achieve one’s goal.  Susan coached me to give myself credit for a goal accomplished, even if I was unhappy with the outcome.  And if I found myself being critical of my effort, to list what I LIKED about my drawing…….list what I DID NOT LIKE, and then list WHAT I WOULD CHANGE.  These instructions allowed me to better assess my finished product, while opening up new ideas – all on my own!

 –  Sue Hahn, Estero, FL


“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eye off the goal.” ~ Chris Burke


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